Festival inEURoff : different expression forms in urban venues.

Site-specific theatre, classical arias, documentary, large scale shows, dance, music-concerts. This and more is inEURoff Festival !

The chosen space has vital role: EUR, the hinge of Rome Business District. For its architectural features, EUR proposes ideal proportionality and models to give life to different kinds of artistic productions, such as large scale and site specific shows.

TALES and CHARMS is the subtitle of the inEURoff new edition.
Tales of distant stories, that seem so close, and tradition charming legends living in our memories.
An articulated journey composed of various narrative elements and techniques : from performing arts to nouveau cirque, from dance to video art.
TheinEURoff distinctive feature, as in each edition, is its Multidisciplinary Nature with events using specific techniques and languages and/or their mixture.

>> Have a look to the 2014 Festival PROGRAM

Programma LLP Grundtvig

inEURoff was financed by EUROPE – LLP Grundtvig Programmethat has led the festival to a Cultural Exchange Project with other 7 Countries of the E.U.

european cultural foundation

inEURoff is partner and founder of River//Cities Project, the European platform for the development and the promotion of cultural projects in urban and waterfront areas, financed by European Cultural Foundation.

The inEURoff Artistic Direction is partner of C.Re.S.Co., a Contemporary Scene National Coordination consisting in festivals, companies, professionals and artists from different aesthetics, working together to defend the dignity of work for those that operates in this industry, the recovery of a recognized role for contemporary artists in the national social context, the overall growth of researching and innovating languages.